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Mackenzie Sisson - Class of 2022

Meet the absolutely stunning, Mackenzie Sisson! She is a senior this year at Mount Carmel High School! She enjoys playing softball, hanging with friends, and going out to eat.

Future Plans

Although she is undecided on WHERE she would like to attend school, Mackenzie is certain that she would like to be become either a Physical Therapist or an athletic trainer. In 5 years, she can see herself finishing up her degree and looking for her dream job. In 10 years, Mackenzie says she will be settling down in a city that she loves and possibly starting a family.


Mackenzie is a member of the softball team as well as the volleyball team! She is also a part of the National Honors Society and Carmel Crazies.

A Few of Her Favorites

Mackenzie says her favorite feature about herself is her height because it is something that makes her unique. Her favorite things are food, sleep, and her cat. Mackenzie says her favorite people are her parents because they have formed her into the woman she is today! Her idol is India Chiles because she has the same roll that Mackenzie does on the softball field and has helped her gain a lot of confidence in softball and in general! If she could meet anyone it would be Tom Holland!

Social Media

Instagram: Mackenziesisson14

Mackenzie shares with us that her favorite social media platform is snapchat because she is able to interact with her friends and see their beautiful faces!

Black & White

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