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Madeline Douglas - Class of 2022

Meet the beautiful, Madeline Douglas!

Madeline is a senior at Gibson Southern High School. Madeline shares with us that her favorite feature about herself is her smile!

Interests, Hobbies, & Extracurriculars

Madeline plays volleyball. She is also involved in theatre arts and Academic Teams. She also enjoys playing piano & guitar, singing, writing, reading, working out, and eating.

Future Plans

At this time, Madeline is undecided about her plans for college but she does have some ideas! She is interested in biology & premed. She shares that she thinks being a high school science teacher and volleyball coach would be fun but she is also toying with the idea of being a pediatric orthopedic surgeon to help kids with sports injuries so they can get back to doing what they love! In 10 years, Madeline hopes to be married with a Master's degree and a steady job & getting ready to start a family. She hopes to be able to stay close to her family and not too far from home!

More about Madeline

In Madeline's free time, she likes bowling, fishing, watching movies, and/or going to Sonic with her friends. She shares with us that her favorite thing to do is eat. Although she wasn't able to narrow down a favorite family member, she did let us know that her favorite celebrity is Johnny Depp. Madeline's biggest life goal is to marry and start a family with a man of God. Her Papa Don is her idol and if she could meet anyone (again) it would be her father!

Social Media

Madeline says her favorite social media platform is instagram because you can post fun picture with small captions and see snapshots of everyone's fun times!

Instagram - @mad.doug22

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