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Madison Jane McIntire | Class of 2020 of Mount Carmel High School

Madie is a 2020 high school graduate from Mount Carmel High School.

Her Future Plans

She will be attending the University of Southern Indiana this fall, studying nursing. In five years, she sees herself as graduated from nursing school and starting off her career. In ten years, she would like to see herself living in Maine because it is her favorite place.

Extracurricular Activities

Madie’s extracurricular activities include: taking an art class, volunteering at the animal shelter, swimming, and she is a member of the National Honor Society.

Interests & Hobbies

Her interests include art, reading, plants, and animals. Her passion for caring for the elderly has led her to her career path of nursing. For fun, she and her friends usually talk adventure outside or shop.

A Few of Her Favorite Things

Madie believes her best feature, physically, would be her eyes, but as a whole, she thinks her hard-working personality and readiness for adventure are her favorites. Her favorite things include anything antique. Her favorite person is her best friend and cousin Zach. Her idol is her Momma, she says she really is Wonder Woman.

More About Madie

Madie’s life goal is to travel as much as possible. If she could meet anyone dead or alive, she would love to blow glass with some of the original people who did it. 

Social Media Handles

Facebook: Madie McIntire. Instagram: madie1110


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