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Mason Crummley Turns 3 | October 2021

Meet the very handsome, Mason Crummley. Mason turned three years old on October 5, 2021!

A Few Of His Favorites

Currently, Mason's favorite color is green! He loves combines, the hulk, and fruit snacks (who doesn't?!). His favorite people are his grandpas, his mommy, and his cousin, Vivian. Mommy says that his hero's are definitely his grandpas.

Future Plans & Talents

When Mason grows up, he wants to farm and drive big trucks like his daddy and pa. Mommy informs us that Mason knows LOTS of songs, and she always tells him that he is the best singer!

Why Silvernale Photography?

"Normally he really loves Allie and is extra smiley for her! This time, he thought Tyson was really funny and he still talks about Tyson playing with him" - Becca Crummley

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