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Mattie Ryan | Class of 2021

Meet the stunning, Mattie Ryan!

Mattie is a senior this year at Red Hill High School.

Interests & Hobbies

Mattie loves sports, hanging out with her friends and boyfriend, and spending money. Mattie is on the volleyball team at Red Hill High School.

Future Plans

Mattie is in hopes of becoming a lawyer. She is planning to attend Vincennes University studying law and then will decide the best path to go after that. In five years, she sees herself still in college, working, and living on her own. In ten years, she hopes to be graduated and settling down to start a family.

Favorite Things

Mattie's favorite thing is her dogs. Her favorite person is her oldest sister Andi. Mattie believes her best feature is her personality.

Life Goal & More

Mattie's life goal is to be successful while living a happy life and providing for the ones around her. If Mattie could meet anyone, dead or alive, it would be Noah Cyrus.

Social Media

Instagram @mattie_ryan16. Facebook: Mattie Ryan

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