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Micah Andrew Turns O-N-E!! | 2022

This perfectly sweet little boy turned the big ONE on May 28, 2022! Micah was born at Deaconess Women's Hospital, weighing 6 pounds 12.9 ounces and 17.72 inches long!

The Name

Allie shares with us that Micah got his name from the Bible! They fell in love with the Word of God in 2020 and Micah was one of the prophets that she enjoyed reading and it fit really well with the middle name Andrew which is passed down to him from his father. His big brother, Tyson Andrew, mentioned he wanted to share his middle name with his baby brother and after some happy tears from mom and dad celebrating Tysons huge loving heart, they knew it had to be!

A Few Of His Favorites

Micah loves dancing to worship music, his Paci, noodles, warm milk, building blocks, climbing stairs, and getting into everything! Mom shares that he equally loves mommy and daddy and adores both his siblings! He loves his grandma Rae & loooovvves Pappy and his glasses!

At 3 months, he loved sleeping on mama & baby wearing

At 6 months, he loved big brother and sister

At 9 months, he loved worship music, Paci, and breastmilk

How He Has Grown

Micah's personality has grown so much over the last year! He is starting to shine and have fun with all the things. He also very much knows what he likes and dislikes! Micah is officially walking as of 08/28/2022! Mom has so many good stories and videos of him that she could write a book! He loves when mommy sings "booger butt" song to him so he can pop his little booty! CUTE!!

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