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Michael Keneipp | Class of 2021

Meet the handsome, Michael Keneipp!

Michael is a senior this year at Mount Carmel High School.

Future Plans

After graduation, Michael is planning to attend Wabash Valley College studying engineering and welding. In five years he sees himself just getting out of college. In ten years he sees himself living in California or on the West Coast.

Hobbies, Interests & Extracurriculars

Michael loves to hike! When he hangs out with his friends, he likes to just be with them or make trips to Evansville, Indiana. Due to COVID-19, Michael isn't in any extracurricular activities at the high school, however, he has been in musicals and on the track team.

More About Michael

Michael believes the best feature about himself is that he is always down for whatever. If someone invites him to go somewhere to do something, he is in. Michael's idol is David Goggins simply because he never stops. He has never seen someone be able to do as much as he does in one day and is inspired by him. If Michael could meet anyone, dead or alive, it would be Travis Scott or Juice Wrld. He loves their music and listens to them during nights when he's cutting wood or taking a jog.

Life Goal

Michael's life goal is to have his own family, have a job that he loves, and not have to worry about much when he is older.

Social Media

Instagram: @m.keneipps

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