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Miss Scarlett is Celebrating 18 Months With Winnie The Pooh | Milestone

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Scarlett Rae Irvine | 18 months

Favorite things

Scarlett is absolutely obsessed with anything to do outside, or anything that involves food or her daddy!

Something She Loves

Climbing stairs (YIKES)


In the past 6 months Scarlett’s personality has changed so much. She is still just as sassy, but now she can show us what she wants.. when she wants it. 😜 She’s so much more vocal, and learning all sorts of new words!


She’s just very, very clumsy..

Favorite Person


What did you love most about your sessions throughout their first year and a half?

“Ugh we can’t say enough good things about Allie & Silvernale Photography. Every session I go in with a vision and Allie makes it happen, no matter what!!“


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