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Meet the Mitchell Family | 2021

Say hello to the Mitchell's!

Joe and Teresa, and their gorgeous daughters, Erica and Kerri.

Favorite Characteristics of Each Other

Their favorite characteristic about Joe is that he can fix anything. Teresa is loved for her selflessness and for always making sure everyone is taken care of before herself. A characteristic about Erica that they love is that she is very financially responsible, and their favorite characteristic for Kerri is her always outgoing spirit.

Family Roles

The roles of the family include: Joe being Mr. Dramatic/Mr. Social, Teresa being the Go-Getter/Overachiever of the group, Erica is the Caretaker/Overthinker, and Kerri is the Fashionista.

Favorite Things to Do

The Mitchell family just loves being together, whether that is sitting around the table eating a home-cooked meal, staying in and watching a movie, or laying out by the pool listening to music. Their favorite memories together are going on vacations to somewhere new, and Teresa always doing something silly that they never let her live down!

What Did You Love About Your Session?

"Despite the cold, windy weather, Allie was able to capture photos we've only dreamed of for over 15 years in just a few short minutes (to get us out of the cold). - Erica Mitchell

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