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Miya Shae Seng | First Year Milestone

Meet Little Miss Miya Shae!

Miya loves to cuddle, eat, and put EVERYTHING in her mouth! She is incredibly inquisitive and loves to explore whatever area she is in. She loves testing limits! She also loves her "brother" Dexter, her mother's Yorkie of six years.

Birthday Girl

Miya was born at the Women's Hospital in Newburgh, Indiana, on December 27, 2019, at 9:54 pm. She was six pounds, seven ounces, and twenty inches long.

The Name

Miya Shae was the only name her mom and dad could agree on. Her aunt has the name Mariah Shae, but it did not play a role in choosing Miya's name.

Favorite Person

Miya's number one favorite person is her mom of course, but Granny is a close second.

Miya's Personality

Miya has a big personality. She is sweet, but stubborn, loving but sassy! She loves to make everyone laugh just as she loves to laugh.

Favorite Things Throughout Her First Year

At three months, Miya loved sleeping, eating, and cuddling with her mom and Granny. She loved being sung to and would mimic sounds. At six months, Miya started eating solid food and loved trying new foods. Bananas were her favorite. She also loved crawling and playing with toys that were bright and loud. At nine months, she loved exploring, singing with grandma, and Kindermusik. Now, she loves pushing limits! She loves all foods some of her favorites are salmon, beets, sweet potatoes, and blueberries. She loves her baby doll named Myrtle, and her stuffed puppy. She also loves "talking", waving, clapping, and showing how "big" she is (by putting her hands over her head and smiling VERY big). Miya loves books and being read to.

What Did You Love Most About Your Session?

"Allie is so sweet and accommodating! She was able to get Miya involved when I couldn't." - Lauren Seng

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