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Miya Seng Turns 2 | Mommy & Me

Meet the adorable, Miya Seng! This little cutie has turned 2 years old & we had the pleasure of doing a mommy & me session with her gorgeous mama!

A Few of Her Favorites

Miya's mommy, Lauren, shares with us that Miya LOVES shoes & "shops" (shopping). Who doesn't?! Her shoe collection is something to be jealous of! To this, her mommy says, "whoops" but we say you're doing great, mama! She has all styles of shoes but she prefers her Crocs with almost every outfit. Miya has recently started accessorizing and prefers to stack bracelets. A little fashionista on our hands! Some of her favorite bracelets include Christmas jingle bells, a blue and white beaded bracelet from her oldest cousin, and an "In Memory Of" bracelet given to her by an older friend. Miya also loves playing with her toys and cannot go anywhere without Ollie, her blue and orange octopus! She loves running outside in the grass and playing in water! Miya also loves to color and will use any medium (markers, crayons, paint, chalk, pens, and pencils)!

Lauren shares that Miya's favorite person is definitely her mama but when mama makes her mad, nanny and papaw quickly move to the number 1 spot!

Hidden Talents

Lauren tells us that Miya is very talented! She sings "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" in the most angelic voice. She can do front somersaults on her own and can jump SO high on her bed! Miya is also especially good at caring for her babies by making sure they are clean, fed, and loved.

Why Silvernale Photography?

"We love that Allie is so sweet and accommodating. During the last session, Miya became hangry. Allie allowed us to stop for a bit to eat and in turn Miya (somewhat) cooperated! Allie does such a wonderful job at capturing Miya's personality and is so easy to work with!" - Lauren

Black & White

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