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Miya Shae Seng | 3 Year Milestone

This super sweet little girl will officially be THREE years old on December 27, 2022. The love that this mommy & me duo share is absolutely unmatched and we love being able to share these moments with them!

A Few Of Her Favorites

Currently, Miya's favorite color is blue. She loves her stuffy, Ollie Boy, her baby dolls, Spiderman, skeletons, ghosts, and monsters. She LOVES music, singing, and dancing! Her favorite food varies but consistently remains the major food group, CANDY, more specifically chocolate and suckers!! Mom shares that she does eat "real" food such as chicken nuggets, hamburgers, veggies, fruits, and yogurt! She is the best little mama to her babies. Miya loves to play instruments and absolutely LOVES to work on her "homework" in the evenings! Miya is very much an artist and uses all mediums to create masterpieces! Miya told her mama just the other day that she is Dr. Miya and she is the best little caregiver! We can only hope this means that she hopes to be a doctor one day! She spends most of her time with mommy, nanny, and papaw. She loves all of her classmates and daycare teachers but her favorite person is probably Asher, her buddy from daycare! Mom shares that just last week she cried when she had to miss school for a week because she missed him!

Special Talents & Heroes

Her actual favorite superhero is Spiderman. She owns so many Spiderman clothes and wishes she could swing from everything! BUT even with her love for Spiderman, mama thinks that little Miya looks up to her the most. SO SWEET! She thinks this because of the sincerity in her little voice when she says "I love you, mommy!" with a glimmer in her eye and arms wrapped around her neck.

Miya is talented in so many ways - she's brilliant beyond her years! She is fiercely independent. Miya can sing any song or quote from Frozen, all the Shreks, The Grinch, Monsters, INC., and many many other songs! She has a memory like none other!

What Does She Love About Her Sessions With Silvernale Photography?

Without a doubt, Miya's favorite part about our last session was receiving a sucker (bribery) and playing with the toys! My favorite part is Allie's ability to get her personality to shine through in a single photo! Even when Miya becomes resistant to being in front of the camera (she doesn't like to be the center of attention), Allie still catches her big personality!" -Lauren Seng

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