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Mr. & Mrs. Falstrom | January 16, 2021

Meet the new Mr. & Mrs. Falstrom

When it all began...

Matthew and Sarah first met each other at their university during student orientation in 2017. Sparks flew as soon as they first met each other, and the feeling between them was mutual. They have been together for three years now.

The Proposal

Matthew tried creating a plan, but then COVID got in the way. During the beginning of quarantine, the two would drive around to get out of the house. On this specific day, they were driving around and went to Charley Brown for a walk. They were looking out at the water when Sarah said it was time to go pick up the pizza, but Matthew insisted on staying a little longer. Sarah being stubborn, decided to start walking away when he grabbed her hand, and she turned around and saw him on one knee. She looked at him and the ring and started freaking out. She kept asking: "Is this real?", "Are you joking?" and "Are you actually doing this?!" Sarah finally said yes, and Matthew stood up and hugged her. The two of them looked up at the sky, and a bald eagle flew over the top of them, which made the day even more magical.

The Wedding

Matthew and Sarah got married on January 16, 2021. This date ended up being exactly one month after her parents got married, 42 years earlier.

Their Song

Lady May by Tyler Childers. This is one of their favorite songs that they always listen to together.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Sarah had borrowed a piece of lace from her best friend/mentor, Carrie Nussmeyer. She began nannying her kids when she was a senior in high school. She and her husband, Daniel, basically adopted her into their family. Carrie and Sarah always joke because their relationship is like a sister, best friend, aunt, and mom all combined into one. She and Daniel have always been her example of how she wants her marriage to look, so she had a piece of lace as part of her hairpiece from her wedding. Her "old" piece also came from Carrie who was an angel pin.

Father-Daughter Dance

The father-daughter dance was very special to Sarah. She and her father danced to a slower version of "Salty Dog." They picked that song was because when she was little, she would sit on his lap, and they would sing that song to the top of their lungs. Daniel also danced with her for part of that song, which was also very special because he, just like her dad, has made a huge impact on who she is today.

Pastor Will

Will has been one of Matthew and Sarah's best friends from college. For the entire time, they knew Will, they would always talk about how they wanted him to marry them. So when he would see them around campus he would ask when they were getting married. The night Matthew and Sarah got engaged they called him and told him the news and that they would need his services.

The little details...


Venue: Venue 720

Flowers: Memorial Lane

Food: IGA

Cake: Treena's Sweets

Cookies: Crystal Luttrell

Dress: Ella Park Bridal; Newburgh, Indiana

Men's Wardrobe: Memorial Lane Flowers; Flora, Illinois

Decorator: Kristen Logan at The Mustard Seed; Louisville, IL

DJ: Local family friend & Spotify

Wedding Party

First Look

Are you excited to keep using Silvernale Photography?

"Oh yes! I already have it planned that she will be our photographer for the rest of our lives!" - Sarah Falstrom

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