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Mr. & Mrs. Pohl | October 15, 2022

Introducing the NEW Mr. & Mrs. Pohl. This gorgeous couple was wed during a beautiful ceremony on October 15, 2022!

When It All Began...

Cody & Callen are high school sweet hearts and have been together since 2016! They realized soon after dating that they were simply made for each other and had so much in common! They have been together through a lot of big life changes and Callen believes that the sparks really flew when they helped each other through these changes and they were both able to realize that they were in it for the long haul. When Callen was away at IU, Cody would drive up almost every weekend to spend the weekend with her, go grocery shopping with her, and fix any little issues she had with her apartment. While he was focusing on his concrete construction, Callen would help him get the business side of everything set up, and helped him organize and file everything he needed for work. They balance each other out perfectly and the sparks continue to fly as their love grows! They spend all of their time boating, spending time with each other's families, and taking weekend getaways to cool places. After Callen left for college at Indiana University and Cody began working in the concrete construction industry, Cody proposed and, of course, Callen said yes! Since then, she has graduated from IU and Cody spent her senior year of college building them a home in Fort Branch, IN. The couple is finally married after a long engagement and they are all moved into their new home! Married life has been pure bliss for this beautiful couple and they are enjoying every single minute of it.

The Proposal Cody & Callen are both big boaters at Kentucky Lake and have been boating since they were kids! Cody has a boat now so they are able to go together all summer long. The proposal was on December 14, 2018 and Callen had just gotten home from her first semester at Indiana University. Cody told her that he found at truck that he wanted to purchase in Kentucky and that they would go to dinner at a nice restaurant that they both love, Patti's 1800's Settlement, to celebrate her first semester being over! When they got to Patti's they had their Christmas Light Trail up and he surprised her by saying there was no truck that he wanted to see and he wanted to take her through the lights! He ended up proposing at the lights and his family, her family, and their friends were all waiting for them. They had dinner together and celebrated! Callen shares that it was so wonderful and so special that it happened at a place that is so special to both of them! Now every time they go boating, they stop by Patti's and take photos in the spot where he proposed!

The Forever Date

The couple chose October 15, 2022 as their forever date. They knew that they wanted their specific venue because it was one of the few local venues that could hold their large guest list. They also knew that they wanted an October wedding in 2022! So, when Callen went to book their venue back in 2019 there were only two October 2022 dates left already! They chose the 15th because the other date was halloween weekend! She is very thankful they were able to book so early because they love their date!

The Ceremony

Wedding Party

The Beautiful Ladies

The Handsome Men

Their Song

The couple chose "Made For You" by Jake Owen. They chose this song because it talks about small town love, how a couple completes each other, and how without each other something is missing. It also talks about all the different stages of life that they will go through together and that was very sweet to them.

A quote from the song Patience by Guns N Roses that says "all we need is a little patience", is one that reminds Callen of Cody. She loves it because Cody is very calm and patient and it helps to calm her "crazy." Patience was actually the last song played at their wedding and they were able to sing it to each other while dancing.

A quote from the song "Cowboys and Angels" by Dustin Lynch that says "I've got boots and she's got wings" is one that reminds Cody of Callen. He loves it because she keeps him grounded and that she is his angel. The couple saw Dustin Lynch a few years ago and she cried when he played this song!