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Paisley & Tucker | Milestone 2021

Meet Miss Paisley who is three years old and sweet Tucker who just turned one!

Big Sister, Little Brother

Paisley and Tucker get along pretty well, as long as Tucker isn't pulling Paisley's hair or they aren't taking things from each other. They definitely get excited about seeing each other if they have been separated for a bit. Paisley and Tucker love playing blocks together, driving around their battery side by side, and have started wrestling each other for fun.

Handsome Little Tucker

Tucker was born January 3, 2020, at 1:49 pm at the Deaconess Women's Hospital. He weighed seven pounds, five ounces, and was 19.5 inches long.

All About Tucker

Tucker loves playing ball and trying to figure things out. He loves animals and will try to jump out of your arms to pet a dog or cat. Tucker has the sweetest personality, he loves to grin at people and bury his head. If he sees a blanket laying on the floor, he will lay on it and snuggle up with it. Tucker is a little bit of a Momma's boy, but he loves his dad and sister, too. He is so sweet and everyone thinks they are his favorite!

Miss Paisley is THREE years old & couldn't get any cuter!

Paisley's Favorite Things

Paisley loves all things Barbies, ponies, unicorns, books, rainbows, and princesses. Her favorite colors are pink and purple. Her favorite movie is Aladdin. Her favorite thing to do is play with Barbies, but she also loves playing in the snow. Paisley's favorite person is her mommy, but she also loves spending time with her grandparents and her cousin Lydia.

Black + White Love

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