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Parker Kocher | Class of 2020 of Lawrenceville High School

Meet Parker Kocher!

Parker is a 2020 graduate from Lawrenceville High School.

Future Plans

Parker is undecided on what his plans are, but he will most likely be going into the Vincennes University diesel mechanics program or the John Deere program. He is in hopes to take over his family business. In five years, he sees himself working hard for what he wants and loves every day. In ten years, he sees himself living on his own and still doing what he loves.

Favorite Things

Parker loves to ride four-wheelers with his buddies, hunt, fish, and work on stuff with his dad. For fun, he and his friends like to sit at the park in Vincennes and talk or ride four-wheelers. He loves spending time with his family and friends and just talking about everything. His favorite person is his dad because he has really helped shape him into the person he is today. Parker believes his best feature is his diagnostic skill. If something is broke, he can look at it and determine what needs to be fixed and why it broke.

Extracurricular Activities

Parker was involved in track for five years of middle school and high school. He was also involved in FFA for all four years of high school.

More About Parker

Parker's life goal is to have most of the things he needs and wants, and to have a good family and to be happy with what he's done. His idol is Sylvester Stallone. "He's a heck of a guy." If Parker could meet anyone, dead or alive, it would be Johnny Cash.

Social Media

Instagram: @parker_kocher.

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