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Pierce Family | Fall 2022

Meet the beautiful Pierce family! Tim, Cheyenne, Isaac(12), Caleb(5), Sloan(3), Cambria(1).

All About Isaac

The family's favorite thing about Isaac is that he is the best big brother! No matter how old he gets he is always willing to get down and play with each of his siblings (even if he's a little too rough sometimes, haha). The family also loves how athletic he is. They love watching him excel at every single sport he plays! He is a walking comedian! He can make you smile or laugh in a matter of seconds no matter what kind of mood you are in!

All About Caleb

The family's favorite thing about Caleb is how mom & dad obsessed he is! He is always down for some cuddles! He also has a huge imagination, but the cuddles are definitely the favorite. Caleb is the "goofy goober". You never know what he is going to say or do but he is sure to leave you with a laugh!

All About Sloan

The family's favorite thing about Sloan is that he walks to the beat of his own drum! If you give him an inch, he will take a mile! He always keeps the family on their toes, but they wouldn't trade him for the the world. He is so sweet & loves everyone! Sloan is a ruthless little guy, says mom, a walking tornado! He has a huge imagination and is always there to lend a helping hand when you need him!

All About Cambria

The family's favorite thing about Cambria is that she is a girl!! After 3 boys, mom & dad were thrilled to have a little girl to spoil! She is always so curious and down to do anything with anyone! She loves all food. She is so sweet and the family is absolutely obsessed with her. She loves her big brothers and mom & dad! She is sassy and sweet! Daddy's girl and mama's little love! She is the perfect (maybe) final piece to their family puzzle!

Favorite Thing To Do As A Family

The Pierce family loves to make spontaneous plans and get out of the house! They don't sit still for long! They love being out and about no matter what they're doing. But, most importantly, they love doing it together!

Why Silvernale Photography?

"I always love our sessions with Allie, but this one was so different & special! She always has me laughing, but this time she had tears in my eyes a few times! She is absolutely on fire for the Lord and I used to be like that. I cry every time someone like Allie talks about all the good things! I think I needed this session more than just for the photos! So crazy how things like that happen in this life! I also love that she lets you pick your photos. I've never met another photographer that does that. Even when you think you've picked the best, she goes back through with you and picks a few more! We absolutely love Allie and will pick her every time she is able!" -Cheyenne Pierce

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