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We here at Silvernale Photography are super excited to make a BIG announcement about one of our interns getting an EARLY PROMOTION!!!

This girl was set to receive her full-time promotion in the summer after she graduates, however, these past two months I have seen nothing but great maturity and growth from Alexa and I just couldn’t wait to promote her with her well earned title early.

Meet our new [OFFICIAL] team member, Alexa Price, Assistant Editor for the Silvernale Photography team!

Alexa has made great strides this past year with her clean-up editing techniques, but it wasn’t till these past two months when Alexa stepped up and started showing some mad #LadyBoss skills with being a leader and taking the extra mile to make Silvernale Photography thrive! Because of her assistance, we are able to get photos turned around in a much more appropriate timeframe and I could not be more proud to officially welcome her to our team!!

Alexa, I am so proud of you and how you have became my right hand in editing over this past year. I love you girl and congratulations!

Welcome [officially] to the Silvernale Photography team!

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