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Reese Linson - Class of 2022

Meet this handsome senior, Reese Hunter Linson! Reese is a senior this year at Mount Carmel High School. He enjoys hunting, fishing, sports, and spending time with his friends/girlfriend.

Future Plans

Reese plans to attend a trade school to become a lineman! In 5 years, he says he can see himself working and in 10 years, he can see himself working and starting a family. Reese's biggest life goal is to have a good job and to have a family.


Reese is a member of the FFA. He also plays baseball and soccer.

A Few Of His Favorites

Reese says his favorite feature about himself is his voice. In their spare time, Reese and his friends enjoy hunting, fishing, and riding dirt bikes/four wheelers. His favorite person is Chris Cusick. Reese says his idol is his dad and if he could meet anyone, it would be Eli Tomac.

Social Media

Instagram: reeselinson

Snapchat: reese_linson3

Reese says his favorite social media platform is Snapchat because he can talk to friends.

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