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Reid Alka | One Year Milestone

Reid Alan Alka was born on May 16th, 2019 at 7:18 am in St. Vincent Hospital in Evansville, Indiana. He weighed seven pounds, six ounces, and was twenty-one and one-fourth inches long.

The Name Reid

There are a lot of ties that went into the name Reid. The Alka’s first heard the name Reid a long time ago on the show Duck Dynasty and they both really liked it. When they found out they were expecting they both knew that Reid was going to be his name and they didn’t need to discuss any others. The Alka’s have always gone with names that are four letters to continue the tradition with the four-letter grandkids names on their mom’s side of the family. The way they spelled Reid was also influenced by the delivery doctor’s last name. Reid’s middle name, Alan, is the same middle name has his dad and grandpa Jon.

Favorite Things

At three months, Reid loved nursing, his pacifier, and his lamb, which is his best friend. He also loves playing with little basketballs, and he is a big fan of ALL food. His favorite person is his mama, and of course his dad and big brothers.

3 Months

At three months, Reid loved nursing, his pacifier and his lamb.

6 Months

At six months, Reid loved eating puffs, playing patty cake, and flying like a bird. During this time, he was crawling everywhere!

12 Months

At twelve months, Reid loves being outside, where he is learning to swim and find anything he can push around. He loves his mama and he jabbers all the time trying to make new worlds.


When Reid was first born, the Alka’s were worried that he was going to be a tough baby because he cried a lot. More than what his older brothers did at his age. Come to find out, he was having problems with his eyes and once they got that problem taken care of he was the happiest baby! He smiles all of the time but is also very timid around new people. “God definitely knew what our family needed when He gave us Reid.” - Meredith Alka


Reid started walking at nine months. He used to get into some yoga poses in the process! He is constantly trying to keep up with his big brothers, Lane and Jase, so he was trying to walk very early on.

From the Photographer

Oh Reid! You handsome little ladies man! One of the easiest babies ever to photograph! Not only do I love you because I love your mama so very much, but I love you because you absolutely stole my heart during every single one of your milestone photos! I was so sad COVID-19 caused us to have to miss your 9 month session, but you were every bit worth the wait to see again! I love you little man. You have the best family! Two amazing older brothers... Jase is a little crazy but he will keep you laughing while taking good care of you (lol), but Lane is that big brother you will never have to doubt in life that he will always be there. And those two parents of yours - so much love created you little man, and I know those grandparents of yours truly adore you as well! You are one blessed little guy!

Why They Love Silvernale Photography

“I absolutely loved my experience with all of our sessions. Allie is not only a great friend, but she is also a very talented photographer who was able to capture all the different personalities of Reid. He was always so comfortable with her and she could always get him to smile. Any ideas I had like the cookies and milk from his one-year photos, she was able to bring to life and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend her to anyone for any photo occasion they are needing!” - Meredith Alka

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