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Rian Keepes | Eighth Grade 2020

Meet Rian!

Rian is an eighth-grader this year at Epioscopal Day School in Lake Charles Louisiana.

What She Loves To Do

Rian loves listening to her favorite songs, hanging out with her friends, art, and volleyball. She also loves playing flag football and fishing. During her spare time, Rian enjoys vacationing with her family, boating, and visiting her family in Mount Carmel, IL. When she's with her friends, she loves driving around the neighborhood on golf carts, and mudding.

High School

After this year, Rian is most looking forward to getting her drivers license during high school. When she grows up, she would like to become a Veterinarian.

More About Rian

Rian believes her best feature is her sense of humor. Her role model is Harry Styles. If she could meet anyone, dead or alive, it would be her Papaw Jardel or Harry Styles.

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