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I Do & Happy New Year With Mr. & Mrs. Richardt

The lights are down, but you're shinin' Like you always do Every day, I'm reminded Of the miracle of you Blessed by: Thomas Rhett

Love at First Embrace

Brandon and Jenna Richardt first met by working along side of each other at St. Vincent, formally, St. Mary’s hospital. They both became interested in each other, but had their different ways of trying to pursue anything more than being coworkers. Brandon had tried to get Jenna’s attention during a budget review meeting, and Jenna invited Brandon to a couple of “work functions”, hoping to spend more time with him. Finally, Jenna got the nerve to invite Brandon to a cookout and bonfire party at her house, and he accepted. Sparks began to fly at the party that night, it was love at first embrace!

One Year Later

One year later, Brandon planned to take Jenna out to dinner for their anniversary. They went to Fujiyama on Main Street in downtown Evansville, IN. After dinner, Brandon got down on one knee and opened the ring box, there was a tiny hand with a small wedding band and Jenna’s ring underneath the hand.

I Do & Happy New Year! [Insert Happy Tears]

Jenna and Brandon soon got married on New Year’s Eve 2019. They chose this date because they both didn’t want to wait another year and wanted it to be an opportunity for family and friends to dress up, celebrate their love and a new year! Their wedding song was Blessed by Thomas Rhett, they chose this song because it is a true reflection of how they feel about their relationship. “I can’t count the times I’ve heart people say I’m lucky, but lucky ain’t the word…I’m just blessed.”

And I know I'm blessed Watching you spin in that dress Makin' my heart beat out my chest I can't count the times I've heard People say I'm lucky, but lucky ain't the word Oh, I'm blessed.

The Little Details

Jenna found her beautiful wedding gown from David’s Bridal. Their wedding cake was made by the Doubletree Donut Bar. The DJ they had was Jacob Lawhead.

You're too good for coincidence And too perfect for an accident And I'm not sure where Heaven is But every night, I get a glimpse.

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