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Rilee Lucille Will | Class of 2020 of Castle High School

Rilee Will is a 2020 graduate from Castle High School.

Future Plans

Her future plans are to continue her education at Maryville University in St. Louis, Missouri, studying nursing. After college, she wants to become a labor and delivery nurse. In five years, she sees herself being fresh out of college and living in an apartment. In ten years, she sees herself having a husband and kids with a stable job that she enjoys. 

What She Loves to Do

Rilee’s hobbies include cheerleading, swimming, and keeping busy. She believes that her best feature is her smile. For fun, she and her friends like to exercise, go boating, and watch movies together.

Her Favorite Things

Her favorite thing is taking pictures with her polaroid. Her favorite person is her dad. Rilee’s life goal is to be happy in every aspect of her life. Her idols are her parents. If she could meet anyone dead or alive, it would be Luke Bryan because she loves country music. 

Social Media Handles

Facebook: Rilee Will. Instagram: rileee.17


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