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Rook Guisewite Turns 2 Years Old

Happy 2nd Birthday, Rook! We have loved watching this tractor lovin' boy grow! Thank you for choosing Silvernale Photography!

A Few Of His Favorites

Rook loves tractors! His favorite color is red! His favorite movie is Cars! Rook loves to play outside and play with tractors! His favorite food is PB&J! Rooks favorite people are Nana and Grandma! He loves spending time with his cousins, Aria & Isla. He looks up to his mommy & daddy the most!

Future Plans

Mom thinks that when Rook grows up he will probably want to be a farmer due to his love for tractors!

Special Skills

Mom shares with us that Rook can run really fast!

Favorite Part of His Session?

Mom shared that Rook loved being able to play with his tractors during his session!

Black & White

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