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Meet the Roosevelt Family | 2021

Introducing the Roosevelts

Kyle and Jessica, and their kiddos, Kylee (14), Zeke (11), and Bowen (18 months). As a family, they love to play and watch baseball or softball, go boating, and have Forced Family Fun Fridays!

Favorite Thing About Each Member of the Fam

They love Kyle for being such a hard worker for them. Their favorite thing about Jessica is how she treats all the kids like they are her own and is very compassionate. Kylee is extremely helpful, and Zeke cares about everyone. They are both the best big brother and sister to Bowen. Bowen is loved for his fun personality and resilience.

Family Roles

Kyle is the Man of the House, Jessica is the glue, she keeps everything together, Kylee is a little mama/most dramatic, Zeke is the athlete/most sensitive, and Bowen keeps everyone entertained and on their toes.

Bowen & His First Year

Bowen had a rough first year. He was born with a large hand, so he has had multiple surgeries, MRIs, ultrasounds, etc. He has to get bloodwork and ultrasounds done every three months until he is 8 years old to check for Wilms Tumor (Pediatric Kidney Cancer) due to his overgrowth, so he has not had it easy, and neither has their whole family due to the unknown about his future. But that hand does not slow him down. He is SO resilient. He would have surgery and be playing baseball that evening. He amazes the family with how strong he is.

Bo loves his family so much, including grandparents and great-grandparents. He loves waving at everyone, big trucks, reading, playing outside, doing puzzles, baseball, and his milk. He is so much fun! Bowen doesn't know a stranger. He loves to laugh, copycat others, and animals. His favorite person is his Momma, of course ;)

What Did You Love Most About Your Session?

"The boys loved that it was so quick! The girls loved getting to see the pictures and picking out our favorites before we even leave! Getting back our pictures so quick!" - Jessica Roosevelt

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