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Ruby Jo Smith is 6 Months | Milestone Session

The absolutely stunning, Ruby Jo, is SIX MONTHS OLD! We are loving the opportunity to watch this sweet girl grow!

What She Loves

Ruby loves going to the pool, taking drives with mom and dad, chewing on anything she can get her hands on, and dancing with mom! Her favorite people are mom & dad.

Good Stories

In the last few months, the Smith family has had so much fun making new memories with Ruby Jo. A few of these include when nana found her first tooth, the first time she tried Ranch dressing, celebrating her half birthday, and the first time she crawled at Grandma Ruby's!

How Has She Grown

In the last few months, Ruby has learned to socially smile and laugh at mom and dad! Anytime you see her, she's likely with a big bright smile! This girl is so sweet...until she's hungry (& we can relate!). Ruby has also learned to crawl/army crawl and she now has 2 teeth!

What Do You Love About Your Sessions?

"I love seeing how she is changing so much even though it breaks this mommas heart that she is growing so fast. Allie knows just how to get our girl to smile. -Madyson Smith

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