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Rylee Cassarotto - Class of 2022

Meet the absolutely beautiful, Rylee Cassarotto. Rylee is a senior this year at Red Hill Jr. Sr. High School.

Future Plans

Rylee plans to attend Wabash Valley College where she will obtain her associates degree and then further transfer to Southern Illinois University of Carbondale for Ag Science. She says in 5 years she can see herself graduating university and getting a job and in 10 years. she can see herself with an established career and a family!

A Few Favorites

Rylee shares with us that she enjoys reading, cheerleading, showing livestock, and working out. She says her favorite feature about herself is her hair! Rylee says her favorite things to do with her friends are watch movies, shop, and go out to eat. Her favorite thing is food. Rylee's favorite person is her mom, who also holds the title as her idol! Rylee's biggest life goal is to be happy. If she could meet anyone, it would be her great grandma!


Rylee is a Red Hill High School Cheerleader. She is also involved with the FFA, National Honor Society, 4H, Teens as Teachers, and 4H Federation.

Social Media

Instagram: rylee.cassarotto

Rylee says her favorite social media platform is instagram because she likes to see everyone's posts!

Black + White

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