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Silas & Urijah | Milestone Photos 2021

Meet these handsome little brothers, Silas & Urijah! Silas is seven years old, and Urijah is now six months old.


Urijah loves to just wiggle, wiggle, wiggle! He is always kicking and laughing with everyone. His favorite thing is bath time. He loves putting his hands in the running water and laughing when it hits his face. And, of course, he loves kicking the water everywhere. He loves all of his family, but he loves watching his daddy. He will jump out of his mommy's arms to him with the biggest smile and giggles. His brother Silas can also get some really loud laughs out of him when he's on entertain Urijah duty.


Silas is always on the go. He is always riding his dirt bike with the neighborhood kids, playing Pokemon up in his treehouse, and playing Fortnite, which is definitely his favorite. He used to say he wanted to be a professional jet-ski driver when he gets older, but now he just says he doesn't know.

Best Brothers

Jessica lets Urijah turn on Silas's light every morning to wake him up, and if he doesn't move then, Urijah will always giggle and go for his ear or hair, which always makes for a good laugh in the morning. Silas loves entertaining Urijah. He recently started shooting an umbrella up, and he can get Urijah to laugh so much by doing that. Silas enjoys it just as he does.

What Was Your Favorite Thing from Your Session?

"My favorite thing about this session was just enjoying making the boys laugh. It is so much fun watching Silas be a big brother and I love having Allie document my baby's milestones." - Jessica Roberts

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