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Smith Family | Fall 2021

Meet the Smith family! This adorable little family is made up of Hunter, Becky, and Willow(3).

Family Roles

Becky shares with us that Hunter is a hard working dad and that is what they love about him! Willow is full of sass and knows no stranger. Willow is totally the queen of drama & Hunter is the fun dad, and she's the cool mom!

Favorite Memory Together

Becky shares that they love to watch movies and work in the garage as a family. Their favorite memory is taking Willow to the zoo for her very first time and seeing her get excited to see the animals in real life!

Why Silvernale Photography?

"My favorite thing about our session was how understanding Allie was while Willow tried everything in her power to not get her picture taken!! And of course the cutest poses she pulled when she finally got into it! -Becky Smith

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