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Smith Baby Girl | Maternity | Southern Illinois

1. When did you find out you were pregnant? We found out we were pregnant on May 28!

2. Did you reveal the news to your family and friends in a fun or special way?

We did not, the day that I found out we told everyone not long after I took the test, I couldn’t keep it a secret. We drove to my nieces softball game , that was out of town, to tell my parents and brothers family. I also couldn’t wait to tell the rest of my friends and family, so I was FaceTiming everyone like crazy because waiting to tell in person would take way to long.

3. Is this your first child?


4. Did you find out the gender? If So, did you do a gender reveal? Is the baby a boy or girl?

We did find out the gender at 9 weeks, my best friend had told me about a place ( beauty and her bump), so I went there for a blood test. We found out 2 days later that it was a GIRL!! We did not have gender reveal, no patience, had to tell everyone as soon as we knew!

5. Have you picked out a name? If so is there any significance to the name? Family history, etc.

Yes we do have a name picked out, we have only told friends, family, and we will tell the rest of the world when she is born!

6. When is your due date?

January 21,2022

7. What are you most excited about?

I am SO excited to watch Matt become a dad. This whole pregnancy he has been right by my side through all of it. I have seen the way he is with my nieces and nephew, and I know he will be the best dad to our little girl.

8. What are you most nervous about?

I am nervous about all the new changes that will be happening in our lives, but we all have any amazing tribe backing us.

9. What was your favorite part of your maternity session?

My favorite part of my maternity session was all the laughs and fun that we had during it! Silvernale photography has captured all the big moments in our lives and we will always continue that.

Congratulations Mady & Matt - we cannot wait to meet your sweet baby girl!


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