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Future Mr+Mrs Sokeland Will Make You Want to Skip to the Good Part With Their Engagement Collection

"I never thought I'd find the hands to hold my heart. Whaddya know? We'll skip to the good part" -Skip to the Good Part, by He is We.

Meet the beautiful Future Mr. & Mrs. Sokeland!

Their love story began when they met online and through mutual friends. Avery was the first to make a move to start dating and they have been together for four years now.

They both knew they were the one for each other around the same time, and soon after moved in together. They got engaged January 1st after the ball drop which was the perfect way to start the new year. This date was very important to them and their relationship because it was when they met each other four years prior. Avery picked out the perfect ring for Morgan that was everything she wanted and more. He bought it from the Diamond Galleria, which is ironic because it isn’t a diamond, it is a morganite. This was very special and he knew it was the one because it has Morgan’s name in it.

Their love for each other is so precious. Avery says he loves Morgan because she is so caring and thoughtful. Morgan says she loves Avery because of how sweet, patient, and caring he is, not just with her, but everyone else as well. Avery’s favorite moment together is the day they got engaged. Morgan’s favorite moment together is going to Kentucky Down Under while petting and feeding the kangaroos together. This is also her favorite trip they have taken together.

Morgan & Avery's song is “Skip to the Good Part” by He is We.

"It hurt when my heart was broken for the first time - Crush so hard kinda shocked that I'm alright - Made you mine now it's time to realize - That I'm never going back, no I'm never going back - To the girl that lacked faith in romance - I'm done let's dance - Keep it up- take a chance - I'm yours - I'm all yours."

I personally had such a great time capturing their love for each other during the engagement session. I truly enjoyed seeing them two together, snuggled up under a blanket, adoringly laughing, kissing and gazing into each other's eyes. Morgan & Avery have a love for each other that can warm your heart. The way Avery looks at Morgan like he is so proud to have her by his side is just a look that words cannot do justice.

Morgan and Avery had a lot of fun during and after their session also. Morgan says she generally doesn’t like to get her picture taken, and doesn’t like the way she looks in pictures most of the time. But she loved the outcome of their engagement photos!

"I love the way Allie edits her pictures, every picture she takes turns out so beautiful, I knew she was the photographer I wanted from the get-go. After meeting Allie, she is so personable, we truly feel we made the right decision by having her as our photographer for our engagement and wedding.” - Morgan

"Take my hand and lets get away from this place Your face is the only thing that I need to be truly happy"

A little Black+White Love


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