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Speir Wedding | October 8, 2022

Introducing the NEW Mr. & Mrs. Speir! This gorgeous couple tied the knot on October 8, 2022 during a beautiful ceremony!

When It All Began...

Colton and Mandi met in preschool, but they didn’t really associate much until middle school.

The Proposal

We say it was in Mandi’s favorite place when people ask. No one ever thinks we’re being serious when we tell them that it was In our Living room, Friday night, February 18. She’s a bit of a homebody most of the time.

Colton went without Mandi knowing, just a couple weeks after Mandi going and looking without Colton knowing! They both went to the diamond galleria in Evansville (had never talked about a place to get it either) Before asking Mandi, Colton wanted to make sure it was her favorite. The first ring he chose was a little to busy for Mandi, so they went back together and her favorite was actually his second choice. Colton will probably always be a little mad they were so close yet didn’t pick the same one! (Also the store closed down soon after that)

The Forever Date

This sweet couple chose October 8, 2022 as their forever date. They chose this date because Mandi is very particular about numbers! She shares that she wanted something similar to their dating anniversary then picked Saturdays off the calendar that matched!

2-18-18 to 10-8-22

The Ceremony

Wedding Party

The Beautiful Ladies

The Handsome Men

Their Song

Colton & Mandi chose Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. They chose this song because it was very important to Colton & he chose it himself! What a romantic! Mandi shares that Colton didn't want her to choose a modern song and she's so glad he was adamant!

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Mandi's something new was her wedding dress. Her something blue was a handkerchief that she carried with her bouquet of her great grandmothers that her mother also carried at her wedding! This was also her borrowed item!

Details, Details, Details...

Officiant: Bill Bunnage

Hair: Jamilyn Westbrook

Makeup: Jaida Hipsher

Meal: Bauerhaus

Wedding Gown: Wild Rose Bridal

Mens Wardrobe: TJ Marche & Mens Warehouse

Cake: Carol Glover

DJ: All About You DJ

Are You Excited To Use Silvernale Photography For All Your Future Photography Needs?

"Of course! Allie is great and we don't regret using her one bit!" -Mandi Speir

Congratulations Colton & Mandi! We were honored to capture your special day! Thank you for choosing Silvernale Photography!

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