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Steber Family | Fall 2022

Meet the gorgeous Steber family - Brett, Jodi, Kelby(18), Kennedy(23), Bronson(29), and Amelia(5). We had the absolute best time hanging out with this family on their farm & capturing their precious moments!

All About The Family

Mom shares that Brett is the comedian of the family! Jodi is the best momma bear! Kennedy is the artist of the family! She loves fall and all things spooky! Kelby is the "worker bee" of the family, just like his dad! He is a goofball with a big heart! Bronson is Kennedy's boyfriend who wants to have a farm with a variety of animals & he shares the gift of sweet Amelia with this family! She is the sweetest little girl and loves all kinds of girly things! They affectionately refer to her as the princess!

Favorite Thing & Favorite Memory

This family's favorite thing to do together is to go camping!

Mom shares that one of their favorite memories is the year that they ran out of scotch tape and had to wrap all the Christmas gifts with black electrical tape! The kids were very confused on Santa's intentions! HAHA!

Favorite Part Of Your Session?

"We love Silvernale Photography! Allie is the absolute best at knowing pavements or props to make your photos look perfect! She has a very good sense of humor with our crew, especially Kelby!" -Jodi Steber

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