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The Stevens Family of Southern Illinois Celebrates Baby Girls 2 Year Birthday

Meet the Stevens Family!

JD and Danielle Stevens and their daughter, Amelia (2).

Favorite Things About Each Other

Some of their favorite traits about each other include JD’s heart of gold, Danielle’s selflessness, and little Amelia’s smile.

Family Roles

Their roles in the family include JD being the relaxed jokester, Danielle as the motivator, and Amelia as the boss.

Favorite Memory together

There were many favorite memories to choose from, but Amelia’s first birthday would be their favorite memory together as a family. They were surrounded by family and friends. Amelia had all of her favorite things, and ended the party naked in a puddle eating white cheddar Cheetos!


Amelia is becoming a very strong-willed, independent beautiful girl. Her favorite person depends on the day, but it’s usually her mom but dad is a close second. She also loves her dogs, Barrett and Remi. She is obsessed with watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which inspired her 2 year photo shoot.

Mom + Dad

From Allie, I have had the pleasure of capturing this beautiful little family this past year. I had previously worked with Danielle when I was the Creative Director at my former job, and now have the honor of her choosing me to capture her beautiful family. Danielle is an amazing mom and woman in general. She is strong, motivating and truly wonderful to be around. And through these sessions I have had the pleasure of meeting her husband, and she is not lying with his role as the jokester, lol. But the part I truly love watching the most is how they are with their baby girl, Amelia. They are some of the best parents I have seen yet, and as a whole they are incredible together! Danielle, I have loved every second with your family and truly cherish every photo shoot. It is an honor to be chosen as your photographer. I pray for many more memories captured together as long as you'll have me, lol! ;)

Favorite Part of the Session

The Stevens loved being able to watch Amelia’s personality come out during their session.

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