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Stevie Diane Rafferty | One Year Milestone

Stevie Diane Rafferty was born on May 1st, 2019. She weighed 4 pounds, 14 ounces, and was 17 1/2 inches long. She was born at St. Vincent Hospital.

The Name

The Rafferty’s weren’t totally set on a full name until a few hours before little Stevie was born. They knew they wanted Stevie in the name, which comes from her late Papaw Steve Rafferty. Diane is after her Grammy Alisa Diane Gidcumb.

Stevie as a Newborn

Stevie’s first things to play with were balls and any other object that wasn’t a toy! Her favorite music was Little Baby Bum songs.

Stevie at Three Months

At three months, she loved being outside, soft piano music, and Little Baby Bum music.

Six Months

At six months, Little Baby Bum music was still her favorite. She loved swinging and pulling up to stand.

Stevie at Nine Months

By nine months, she was running, and playing with kitchen utensils.

One Year

Stevie is now one year old, and is into anything and everything! Her favorite thing as a one-year-old is listening to music (especially baby shark), and taking all her toy balls and bouncing them on all the different types of floors in the house.

Social Butterfly

Stevie is a lover. She loves giving hugs and kisses. As she has grown into her personality, she was already a social butterfly, but somehow has become even more friendly. She loves reading books and can pick out which book we ask her to get by saying the title to her. She loves everyone in her family, but her brother (“bubby”) has to be her favorite person.

Why the Rafferty's Love Silvernale Photography

"I loved every session I had with Allie Silvernale because of her flexibility and her talent to capture the most amazing pictures, even when Stevie was having bad days. She wouldn’t stop working to capture the perfect pictures. I am so thankful for Silvernale Photography and the memories captured that I will cherish forever." - Chelsea Rafferty

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