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The Storckman Family Invites Us to Their Home for Spring Family Photos

Meet the Storckman family! Clayton Storckman and Kelli Storckman, and kids: August Storckman age 5, Scout Storkman age 4, and Forrest Storckman 1 year.


From Kelli, her favorite things about each member start out with August. She loves that he has such a kind and gentle soul. He is tenderhearted and cares about others’ feelings. Being the leader of the sibling group, he knows what he wants and will go for it.


Next up is Scout, she is their girly girl. She loves dresses and princesses, and they love how she likes to care for others, particularly her baby brother. Scout is the jokester of the family, she is always tries and succeeds at making the family laugh.


And for little Forrest, he is very laid back and goes with the flow. He is learning to express himself and is getting more outspoken everyday. He has a lot of love for his daddy and is a guy’s guy! Forrest is the lover of the family, he enjoys hugging and cuddling with each of them. 

The Family

As a family, they love to go camping together. During the summer, they love to go boating and fishing at Mesa Lake or East Fork Lake. Clayton and Kelli are having fun teaching the older kids how to play cards, such as Old Maid, Crazy 8s, and War. They also enjoy golf cart rides in the summer to spend time and explore together. 

The Storckman family has lots of favorite memories and make new, great ones each day, which makes it hard to choose just one. Kelli will never forget August and Scout’s first visit to the hospital to meet their new baby brother, Forrest. She loved how fun it was to see their first interactions and how much they loved him from the start. Another favorite family memory was vacationing to Orange Beach, Alabama, last summer. Seeing the kids on the beach, exploring the sand and the waves was something they will always remember.

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