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Super Bride Sunday

Yesterday we attended the Super Bride Sunday wedding expo event. It was equipped with fashion shows of beautiful gowns and handsome men in tux’s. Many vendors of florists, cake and other sweet treats tastings, dermatologist, and gorgeous location options to be wed at, for example, The Bauerhaus, which is just one incredibly stunning place to get married. & then of course photographers.

I was one of probably five other photographers. All of us with our unique style and personalities. We all had beautiful booths displaying our gorgeous work. No two photographers alike really.

That‘s what I truly love about photography. The many different perspectives of how we capture, edit and display our work. The differences in perception, coloring, lens-choices, and so much more. There is so much that goes into photography that many never understand. We never “just click a button”. There is so much more to the profession but that is for a later discussion.

Super Bride Sunday was a great event full of a ton of gorgeous brides who I truly hope have the “fairytale” like wedding of their dreams. Whether I am capturing it for them or not, I truly wish all you future brides nothing but the best on your wedding day, as well as a long and happy marriage.

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