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Taiylar Thompson | Class of 2020 of Lawrenceville High School

Taiylar is a 2020 high school graduate from Lawrenceville High School.

College & Studies

She is attending Wabash Valley College for the next two years, and will then transfer to a four-year university. She will be studying to major in accounting. After college, she plans on coming back to the local area and doing taxes for local people.

Her Future Plans

In five years, she sees herself still in college, finishing up her schooling. In ten years, she sees herself starting a local business or joining a business in the Lawrence County area for affordable taxes. 

Extracurricular Activities

Taiylar’s extracurricular activities at her high school included being in Beta, S.A.D.D., and interact club. She also helped with a kindergarten class in elementary school.

Her Favorite Things

She enjoys spending summer days at the lake, hanging out with her friends and family, exploring nature, and shopping. Her and her friends like to drive around, hang out, support school sports, and go to the lake. She believes that her best feature is her eyes or her personality. Her favorite thing is taking vacations, she loves the beach. Taiylar couldn’t pinpoint a favorite person in her life, but she knows she can count on her family for anything.

Life Goal

Her life goal is to settle down after school and start a family. If she could meet anyone dead or alive, it would be her mother. 

Social Media Handles

Facebook: Taiylar Thompson. Instagram: taiylar08


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