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The Beautiful Hunt Family

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Randy, Rhonda, Joshua, Jake & Hilary, Jeremy, Hazel (6) & Josie (2)

What is your favorite thing about each member?

Randy-is a selfless, loving, giving man

Rhonda-family is everything to me

Joshua has such a big heart and is so loving

Jake is hard-working but soft-hearted

Hilary-a wonderful loving mommy

Jeremy-is an old soul, loves adventures.

Hazel-creative and very thoughtful

Josie-just the cutest little stinker

What is the role of each person?

We all love music. Dad is a fixer, builder of projects, Mom is a planner of family time; Joshua shares his love of travel, photography and books; Jake is our smoke/grill master, Hilary brings the wit and sarcasm to the family; Jeremy shares is love of music, photos, the outdoors and traveling; Hazel is our crafter and nature lover; Josie likes to do what her sissy does.

What is your favorite thing to do as a family?

We love hanging out, campfires, playing with the girls.

Favorite memory together? 

Favorite memories...too many, but one is our family camping trips together. We just enjoy it so much when we're ALL together. ❤️

What did you love most about your session with Silvernale Photography?

We enjoyed Allie's interaction, especially with the girls. She was helpful when choosing on our picks.

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