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The Smith Family of Southern Indiana | Fall 2020

Meet the gorgeous Smith family!

Matt and Tiffanie Smith, and their sweet little guy Knox.

Favorite Things To Do Together

The Smith's love to swing and take long walks together.


Knox is six months old and he is changing everyday. He smiles and laughs all the time! He knows who his mama and daddy is. He has a baby stuffed animal giraffe that is his favorite lovey! He loves all soft things and bright colors.

Family Love

Tiffanie loves that Matt is the most genuine, loving, caring person. He is an amazing father to Knox. She says her and Knox are incredibly blessed!

Why Do You Love Silvernale Photography?

"We love capturing our special moments and milestones with Silvernale Photography, we truly can see the love in our eyes through our pictures." - Tiffanie Smith

Black+White Love

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