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Thombleson Family | Fall 2022

Meet the gorgeous Tombleson Family - Jeff, Ashley, Brodee(9), Grady(4), & Duke the Dog(1). We had the best time getting to know this sweet family during their session!

About The Family

Jeff has the determination of a can do attitude. Ashley is the heart of the family! Brodee is smart and caring and Grady is tough, rough, and oh so sweet! Mom shares that Jeff is the lead jock of the family, Ashley is everyone's cheerleader, Brodee is the jokester, & Grady is the baby (but he doesn't like to be called that!).

Favorite Thing

This sweet family's favorite thing to do together is riding bikes!

A Note For the Photographer

"Thank you again for your kindness, Allie! We loved everything about our session. I appreciate you!" -Ashley Thombleson

Black & White

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