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Tristin Keepes | Class of 2021

Meet the handsome, Tristin Matthew Keepes.

Tristin is a senior this year at North Posey High School.

Interests & Hobbies

Tristin's interests involve working out, playing video games, and hanging out with his friends and girlfriend. When hanging out with his friends they play NBA2K or just spending genuine time with them.

Future Plans

Tristin plans to attend Ivy Tech for two years and then transfer to the University of Southern Indiana for a four year degree. He will be studying to become a registered nurse and eventually hoping to become a Physician's Assistant down the road in life.

In five years, Tristin sees himself engaged with a house of his own. In ten years, he hopes to be married with children.

Favorite Things

Tristin's believes his best feature is his eyes or cheeks. His favorite thing is his car, and his favorite person is his grandfather and his mother.

Life Goal & More

Tristin's life goal is to live comfortably and to maintain healthy relationships with the ones he loves. He wants to be able to provide for and give back to his friends and family. His idol is his grandfather because he is the hardest working man who has always provided for his family, even in the toughest of times. If Tristin could meet anyone, dead or alive, it would be Will Smith or Ryan Reynolds.

Social Media

Instagram: @tristinkeepes

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