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Tyler James Peach | Class of 2020 of Edwards County High School

Tyler Peach is a 2020 graduate from Edwards County High School.

His plans after high school are to attend Frontier Community College for three years, majoring in nursing, and then transfer to the University of Southern Indiana to continue his education for a bachelor’s degree.

Future Plans

In five years, he sees himself still going to school to pursue his dream of being a nurse and also working in a hospital. In ten years, he sees himself working full time at a hospital. 

Hobbies & Interests

Tyler’s interests include spending time with God, fishing, hunting, playing baseball, and four-wheeler riding.


Baseball has been a big part of Tyler's life. He lives and breathes it.

His Favorite Things

He believes his best feature is his eyes. For fun, Tyler and his friends usually drive around. His favorite thing has to be his dogs, and his favorite person is Jesus.

More About Tyler

Tyler's idol is his dad, who has shown him a lot in his eighteen years and he hopes there are many more things to learn from him. If he could meet anyone dead or alive, he would want to meet his grandpa Roy who passed away when he was young. Tyler’s life goal is to let the next generation know how great God is. 

Social Media Handle

Instagram: tyler.peach2020

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