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Ty Schmittler | Class of 2021

Meet the handsome, Ty Christopher Schmittler!

Ty is a senior at Edwards County High School in Albion, Illinois.

Future Plans

Ty is undecided on which particular college he will be attending after high school, but is interested in getting a business degree. He wants to run his own business someday to go along with his farrier business. He attended Oklahoma Horseshoeing School in the summer of 2019. In five to ten years, Ty seems himself living in Southern Illinois and having many horses, chickens, and ducks.

Hobbies & Interests

Ty enjoys riding horses, hunting, fishing, and playing basketball. He loves to lift weights and go bow fishing with his friends.

Life Goal & More

Ty's life goal is to graduate college, get his business going, and to have his own farm. His favorite person is his father. Ty's idol is Michael Jordan. If he could meet anyone, dead or alive, he would love to meet Kevin Costner who plays John Dutton in the Yellowstone series. Ty thinks his best feature is his smile and his ability to talk to people easily.

Social Media

Instagram: @tschmittler44

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