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Urijah Tyler Roberts | One Year Milestone

Urijah Tyler Roberts

October 6, 2020

Memorial Hospital in Carbondale, IL

Where did the his name originate?

His middle name is after his dad!

What are the baby’s favorite things?

He’s loving his fish. We have two fish tanks and a koi pond, so he’s constantly pointing and saying fishes. He loves watching everything his daddy does also.

How has his personality grown throughout the months?

His personality shows through his big smile. He’s definitely a happy baby..most of the time!

Walking? Any good stories?

He took off walking right after his birthday. He’s a fast little guy. He takes off as fast as he can when he knows you’re coming for him or he has something he doesn’t want to give up. He’s so bowlegged that I just think he has the cutest walk in all the land.

Who is their favorite person?

I like to think I’m his favorite person, but he loves watching and dancing with his daddy. He also adores his brother and is always following him around when he’s home. But if Tipsy wasn’t his puppy, then I think she’d be his favorite person. He’s always sitting right next to her and pestering her and says her name first when he wakes up.

What did you love most about your sessions throughout their first year?

I always love sessions with Allie because she can always capture the perfect smile, little smirk, funny face.

Urijah - Newborn Album

Urijah - 6 Months

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