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Weir Family All Together | Summer 2022

Meet the beautiful Weir/Whittler family!

Brent & Kim Weir, Luke Weir, Clint, Theresa, Nessa(2), and Ruby(1) Whittler!

Favorite Features

Brent is the proclaimed rock of the family, best papa, & grill master! Kim has a big heart! She is a loving Granny and the family planner and fixer! Luke is known to the family for his independence and artistic ability! Clint is very inquisitive & adventurous! Theresa is known to be the chaos coordinator and the strength of the the family! Both Nessa & Ruby are sweet and funny! They give the best hugs and are definitely the entertainers of the family!

Favorite Thing To Do + Favorite Memory

This family loves to cook together & play games. They shared with us that just being together is their favorite thing! Although they declared it impossible to narrow down a specific favorite memory, the Weir family loves every memory and moment with their "crazy" crew! Life with them is one big adventure! PRECIOUS!!!

What Did You Love Most About Your Session?

"THE CHICKENS!! This made Nessa and Ruby's day! Allie made it easy. She helped us through the whole process. So glad we did this!!! -Kim Weir

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