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Zachary Hale | Class of 2020 of Mount Carmel High School

Zachary is a 2020 high school graduate from Mount Carmel High School.

He will be attending Wabash Valley College, in hopes to become a welder.

Hobbies & Interests

Zachary's hobbies include hunting and fishing. For fun, he and his friends like to hang out and do things that they all like, which include fishing, riding around, or playing video games.

Future Plans

In five years, he plans on owning his own house. In ten years, he hopes to be thinking about kids and hopes to have a full career with no debts or loans.

A Few of His Favorite Things

He believes his best feature is being able to talk to people. His favorite thing is his bed. His favorite person is his grandpa Randy.

Life Goal

Zach’s life goal is to never worry about money and have a healthy relationship with his wife. If he could meet anyone, dead or alive, he would meet his grandpa’s dad.

Social Media Handles

Facebook: Zachary Hale. Instagram: Zachary.Hale

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