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Zach Riggs | 2021 Ultimate Senior Model

Meet Zachary Willis Riggs!

Zach is an upcoming senior at Mount Carmel High School.

Future Plans

Zach hasn't decided on where he is wanting to attend college, but he plans to study to become an electrician. In five years, he sees himself out of college and starting his future job. In ten years, he sees himself starting to settling down and starting a family.

Extracurricular Activities

Zach is on the football team, as well as the wrestling team, and throws shot put and discus on the track and field team at MCHS.

Hobbies & Interests

His hobbies & interests include fishing, bow fishing, hunting, and hanging out with his friends. For fun, he and his friends like to go fishing, bow fishing, or hunting together.

Favorite Things

Zach's favorite thing is his car. He doesn't have a favorite person, but his family and friends are his favorite people. He believes his best feature is his hair.

Life Goal & More

Zach's life goal is to live life to the fullest and be the best parent and husband he could possibly be. His idol is Robert Terkla, who is a Youtuber that has taught him a lot about hunting and fishing. If he could meet anyone, dead or alive, it would be Robert Terkla.

Social Media

Facebook: Zach Riggs. Instagram: zachriggs_66

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